Service Introduction

Online Beauty consulting-offline K-beauty service connection platform
CUSME is a service that provides a different beauty service experience with the help of experts.
We can do in CUSME
the following 4 things that were impossible in the past
Understanding the characteristics of my appearance Understanding of style that suit my appearance Clear sharing/communication when using
beauty services Continuous management of my beauty data
When you use K-beauty service, We have had difficulties due to language,
technical terminology, and short consultation time.
Now, experience the world's best K-beauty service with CUSME.

CUSME consulting is the proecess getting to know myself
you will find out characteristics of your face and what style suits you.
if you understand yourself If you have an understanding of the style that suits yourself Based on this,
you can become more beautiful and handsome
First, let the experts of CUSME understand you take your style quiz!

Apply for consulting regardless of nationality or race.
CUSME provides consulting based on the harmony and proportion of appearance factors.
Although you have different appearance characteristics
depending on your nationality and race,
You can develop your own appearance based on your understanding of harmony and proportions.
The reason why K-beauty is attracting many people around the world
is about pursuing naturalness based on harmony and proportions.
No matter what your physical appearance You can discover yourself through CUSME service.
Please do not worry and apply a lot.
Note that, Languages are supported in English, Chinese and Korean.